The Disney Mickey Mouse Collection

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To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, we’ve collaborated with Disney to make three pints of birthday cake ice cream flavors chock-full of Disney magic. The Disney Mickey Mouse Collection features one pint of Triple Chocolate Surprise, one pint of Confetti Celebration and one pint of Peanut Butter Jamboree.

1x Triple Chocolate Surprise- Chocolate malted ice cream with chocolate fudge cake, ribbons of dark chocolate buttercream frosting and Mickey-shaped white chocolate pieces filled with fudge

1x Confetti Celebration- Sweet cream ice cream with confetti cake, ribbons of yellow buttercream frosting and yellow Mickey-shaped white chocolate pieces filled with lemon cream

1x Peanut Butter Jamboree- Vanilla bean ice cream with strawberry cake, ribbons of peanut butter frosting and Mickey-shaped peanut butter pieces filled with strawberry jam