Love Wars: Kylo and Rey 4-Pack

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KYLO and REY: You are unexpected, competitive and a little nutty!

  • The Force: sweet cream ice cream with swirls of rich chocolate fudge and white and dark chocolate pearls
  • The First Order: salted deep dark chocolate ice cream, made with intense cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate and a dash of powerful espresso
  • PB Wins the Cup: vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes and housemade peanut butter cups
  • Oh, Fudge!: vegan / non-dairy chocolate made with coconut milk and a splash of rum

Every pint of Ample Hills ice cream is made at our shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn. We are a growing and evolving business, but we still make our ice cream the same way we did when we opened in 2011: pasteurizing on-site, making mix-ins from scratch, and challenging ourselves to make the next best flavor. We hand pack, sticker and stamp every package for delivery. We are a dedicated bunch of ice cream lovers, thrilled to be sharing our product with you.

Shipping Information

We are receiving a very high demand for our ice cream both in-store and for shipping nationwide. As a result, we need to limit the amount of ice cream that is sold online each day to ensure there is enough ice cream for everyone. The next available shipping day is preselected by default. You will receive your ice cream 1-2 days after your ship day, depending on shipping speed selected in checkout. You're welcome to choose a ship day in the future if desired.

Shipping Pledge

Everyone loves receiving the gift of ice cream at their doorstep but no one likes receiving melted ice cream. This is why we will happily reship your ice cream or issue you a full refund if it does not arrive perfect, delicious and frozen.