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Brain Freezes: What Causes an Ice Cream Headache — and How to Fix it

October 19 2021

Brain freezes. Everyone’s had one. They come out of seemingly nowhere — one minute, you’re sipping a milkshake, the next minute, your forehead is throbbing. But despite the ubiquity of this painful ex...

Shiv Show at the Ice Cream Factory: How We Made S’more on the Floor to Celebrate Succession

October 15 2021

Succession is the HBO satire featuring a messed up family, backstabbing, betrayal and, most importantly, an absolute banger of a theme song. So many of us Amployees were so thrilled that Season 3 was ...

The Dry Ice Shortage: Why It’s Happening and How It Could Impact Your Order

October 12 2021

Unfortunately, our eCommerce distributor Ice Cream Source is experiencing a dry ice shortage — which means our online orders are experiencing shipping delays. These delays shouldn’t be any longer than...

The Food Science Behind Why Our Ice Cream is the Best: Part 1

October 4 2021

Let’s be frank. We think Ample Hills ice cream is the best, but we’re obviously not an objective judge. Because we are Ample Hills. And you’re reading this on the Ample Hills blog. How do you know we’...

Meet Widow Jane, the Bourbon Behind Maple Bourbon Barrel

September 18 2021

In October of 2019, we teamed up with Widow Jane and Crown Maple to create a triple threat of a flavor: Maple Bourbon Barrel. A maple bourbon ice cream (made with bourbon from Widow Jane and maple syr...



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