Who wants to be a Hillionaire?

Written By Amanda Melhuish - July 15 2018


August 22 2018

What about the shop in Red Hook?

Amy Ng
August 20 2018

Hi! When does Hillionaire end?

August 16 2018

Hello! If you do the Tour de Hills in one day, do you also get a Hillionaire Tee Shirt?

August 16 2018

So what happens when some locations are closed for weather? Are we not eligible to win the one day prize? Came to town specifically for the challenge so we only have this day in the city. Our first stop was closed… should we even bother?

July 28 2018

Gosh I love ice cream so much!!! I’ve only been to NYC once 😔 but if I ever get to go again I will definitely search out and find one of your stores!!! Maybe one day y’all can come to the incredible ice cream loving South!!!!! God bless and be safe during your travels this summer!!! 😁❤️

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