They Scoop Gilmores, Don't They?

Written By Lauren Kaelin - November 07 2016


December 14 2016

I would like to know how to order the Gilmore Girls ice cream all flavors for my daughters sorority house.

November 29 2016

I was trying to buy a 5-pack story and didn’t see the Gilmore flavor available. Can these still be ordered?

Alexandra Selesko
November 27 2016

This is more a question then a comment but I was wondering if this flavor is here to stay. If not when is it leaving because I don’t want to open your website without warning to buy it and its gone!

The flavor being They scoop Gilmores, don’t they?

Kathy Siciliano
November 13 2016

How can I order??? I need this for my daughters birthday!!

Felice Rutsteinlee
November 09 2016

Love this!!!! Can’t wait to watch the show while enjoying my ice cream??

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