The Ice Cream Queen: Help Us Create a Gilmore Girls Ice Cream!

Written By Lauren Kaelin - October 22 2016


October 30 2016

That’s, uh, Chill more Gilmore. Whoopsy daisy!

October 30 2016

Chill more Gimore!
Delicious coffee ice cream stippled with sweet almonds and drizzled in what-the-fudge sauce. Totally chill.

October 25 2016

Where you lead, I will Marshmallow! That is incredible!

Ashley Arcamone
October 23 2016

-Sookies and cream: vanilla ice cream with rocky road cookie pieces
-Luke’s toffee coffee: coffee ice cream with toffee pieces
-Stars Wallow: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, brownie pieces and red velvet cake pieces

October 22 2016

Try a plum they’re better than sex

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